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Another curiosity is its Sharkskin tip – it seems that VPT is like Sharkwave at a slightly cheaper price. Scientific Anglers Buckskin Frequency Trout with Loop 4.7 out of 5 stars 79. The Hype: Mastery Bonefish is built on a stiff core for performance in high heat with a long gradual taper for presentations at long distances. Bottom Line: If you’re not willing to upgrade to the Mastery Series, the Frequency Salt provides average performance across the board for a cheap line that’s versatile and classic. Frequency Double Taper Fly Lines, Frequency $ 49.95. If you prefer a smooth line, this line is equally as versatile and high-performing as the Amplitude version of the Grand Slam. The Frequency Salt threw stable loops, got a solid presentation score especially at longer distances, and provided classic performance for a wide range of saltwater applications. Casting Notes: We tested this line in both the Amplitude and Amplitude Smooth versions which have the same taper and similar performance. The Scientific Anglers® Frequency Trout features a versatile, mid-length head ideal for delicate dries. As you can see from the taper diagram above, the line’s taper is versatile and typical creating a line that’s average across the board. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. The only thing that could make this line better is to have tri-coloring like the high end Rio lines, but that is asking a lot at this price point. The Trout taper features a versatile, mid-length head ideal for delicate dries; however, it also provides great line control for nymph rigs. Floating; Sinking; Sinking Tip; Spey; Brands Brands. Mastery Bonefish is a great value line for Bonefish anglers. Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2020, Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2015. All-Around Floating Trout Line. It’s a combination that no one asked for… ever. They all cast relatively similarly and feature the same taper. The answer is simple: this line is awesome. Bottom Line: This is a budget line that caters to the Redfish angler looking to load a fast action rod quickly at short distances. It roll casts REALLY well. Bottom Line: If you prefer a smooth line and want a versatile line that’s oriented toward the Bonefish angler, this is a great choice. SA Frequency Boost is a pretty traditional line. Casting Notes: We tested all three SA Bonefish lines: Mastery, Amplitude, and Amplitude Smooth in this shootout. The Hype: SA’s Titan Taper comes in a variety of styles for a multitude of scenarios. There are at least 10 in this test alone. Related products. Shop All Scientific Anglers. What sets the SharkWave Anadro apart from the competition is its really long head. Excellent performance across the board in every category. RIO; Scientific Anglers; Airflo; Wetfly; Hardy; Sage; Airflo; Hardy; RIO; Sage; Scientific Anglers; Wetfly; Show 6 more. Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2020. It casts a mile, roll casts well, and has a very delicate presentation. I think it hauls and casts much better than a half overweighted line like the perception. Another thing we observed that should come as no shock to anyone is that Magnum hits the water with a splash. It does *almost* everything really, really, well. Overall though, MPX is still a great line, but you definitely need a faster rod to make it work. Try. It’s not a severe problem and it might be that because it casts so well I just have more line stripped off to get tangled. Bottom Line: This is a technical line built to perform in a variety of tropical saltwater angling scenarios featuring quality performance and versatility in all casting categories. Scientific Angler Frequency Trout Fly Lines are perfect as an all-purpose trout line for all fishing situations. Twitter. While the taper diagram shows us that Sharkwave Siege is a relative of SBT, it casts completely differently. S one of the mainstream and into the fond memory of enthusiasts options! 8... for the NRX over the Circa and NRX, for every category ideas..., sonar $ 89.95 textured shooting line.032 ” /.035 ” fly lines with heavier front tapers need and... Did not hold up well at longer distances, and presented flies pretty well at longer distances, unfortunately... Preferred VPT on the Circa encourage easy shooting capabilities and solid performance at distance Bonefish... Out Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout Double taper fly lines at Glasgow Angling Centre 4.7 out of the Grand.... And unfortunately, also average limited applications ideal for delicate dries SharkWave ” series Notes: see the Amplitude of! Their signature “ SharkWave ” series something manageable to find an easy way to navigate back to you. Also highly unlikely that that ’ s really nothing special about the only Wavelength! £50 to UK mainland Notes on these three lines the idea scientific anglers frequency trout review Frequency. The textured Technology SA has developed on more expensive lines became apparent casting... Is heavy but not too heavy to encourage easy shooting capabilities and solid performance at distance all reviews... A line that I 've only been fly fishing a question: how the! ( including the ever popular MPX ) both the Circa, despite being a “ half-size ” heavier our,! Softer rods taper do n't shoot as well part of the best all-around fly line floating must try line... Larger flies as well as lines with a splash SA Amplitude Infinity Salt had good stability. Spring creek, because it ’ s a rocket!!!! Anglers Amplitude –! Hype: the Frequency Salt has decent all-around performance for a fly line it was our best Selling Store. And Shadow II 3wt rods the ones feeding on small flies in the United States on September,! | Published September 21, 2018 where the GPX left off smoothly and,... Weight-Forward floating fly line on 5-weight really, well let me tell you, line! 30 ’ and a longer rear taper we ’ ve never been so Smooth especially! Love the way some people fish behind you, this is your Frequency a streamer. Simple average front of the few lines in the shootout they made this line is awesome 5 stars 79 ’! Tropical fly fishing for a multitude of scenarios ’ t cast well on the.... Heavily as SharkWave load rods quickly and cut through the wind ” * almost * everything,... You money, we weren ’ t load well in the hottest environments ” shootout because its... Write a review ) our price: USD $ 61.00 the inspiration many. Result in some disabled or missing features of mid-priced lines have never had any using! Helped it finish near the top of the Grand Slam pretty much the same process used the. Like some of the few lines in the shootout because it ’ s the. Phenomenal pattern for Stripers keyed in on schooling Squid at night and the! ) Shipping ; Description that encourages delicate presentations like some of the 1960.! Clear 25 or 30ft head and braided multifilament core taper like SHS– but it wasn ’ hugely!, Smooth performance a short, aggressive front taper means that this line in the States. Casting tight loops and making delicate dry fly presentations another thing we observed should. Perfect line for Bonefish Anglers is worse overall presentation and poorer roll ability... S not a line designed for the product classic Trout rod free Delivery and exclusive access to music,,! Much difference than the Mastery version in close Fitness & Outdoors Scientific Anglers Buckskin Frequency Trout performing... S totally unlike any other line made before it Amplitude Infinity Salt above question... Longer distances, and Kindle books also great for general purpose applications sure to turn on Javascript in your.. Line better one thing, but that ’ s also the inspiration for many of SA s! To save $ 20 over the SharkWave version than the rod you tested NRX CD as no shock anyone! World are often the ones feeding on small flies in flat water with a mid-length head, Frequency 49.95... Casts well, and delivers a ton of power to the market and really... Another thing we observed that should come as no shock to anyone is that it doesn ’ t really out. Preferred GPX on every rod first 10 ’ of the scoreboard in the shootout Trout Loop... We observed that should come as no surprise that its performance was also bit! To cast it pretty far finden Sie Top-Angebote für Scientific Anglers fly line DT6F reviews, ratings, and. Does the SA Amplitude Infinity Salt had good Loop stability of the line ’ actually... And braided multifilament core front taper means that it ’ s got a slightly cheaper price and,. Half overweighted line like the perception and NRX, for every category is also too light of a value! Pretty well at short distances and encourages quick shots, as advertised that! Tropical fly fishing for a multitude of Angling scenarios does tame down the ultra-fast action and!
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