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Ingle Pilipinhon tagapagsalin. adjective. A woman is the full circle. B . Here's a list of translations. lazy: tamad, batugan, matigas ang katawan; headstrong. malakas; matibay; magpakalakas; nakalalasing; matibay na; matapang; mga matibay; tigasin; matapang na; na matibay; mga malakas; malakas na; lumakas; nakalalasing na; ng matapang; batibot; mga matibay na; malalakas; mangagpakatapang; na mga matibay; mga malakas na; napakalakas; mga matibay sa; sa mga matibay; ng matapang na; sa matapang; mga matapang; tibay; nakukutaan ng; lakas; nakukutaan; sa matapang na; makapangyarihang; ang matapang na; mga matapang na; matatapang na; mga; marahas na; ang marahas na; malaking; kalakasan; ng malaking; kapangyarihan; na; having a strong physiological or chemical effect, immune to attack; incapable of being tampered with, of good quality and condition; solidly built, being distilled rather than fermented; having a high alcoholic content. countable noun If you accuse someone of being a hypocrite, you mean that they pretend to have qualities, beliefs, or feelings that they do not really have. The only female chosen to defend the Earthrealm, Sonya is headstrong … headstrong significado, definição headstrong: 1. very determined to do what you want without listening to others: 2. very determined to do what… Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform Diane Mariechild .15 Traits of A Strong Woman The company's line of business includes providing computer related services and consulting. Q . headstrong. Learn more. U . Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets is a global consulting and IT services company with a specialized focus in capital markets. Headstrong A person, man or woman, who possesses inherent qualities of an unrelenting or unwaivering ideology, often baseless and of strong conviction . Ang LinkedIn ang pinakamalaking network ng negosyo sa buong mundo, na tumutulong sa mga propesyunal tulad ni HEADSTRONG PHILIPPINES na matuklasan ang mga koneksyon sa loob ng mga inirerekomendang kandidato sa trabaho, eksperto sa industrya at mga kasosyo sa negosyo. Person 1: I told Johnny he was wrong … 6 . "headstrong" മലയാള വ്യാഖ്യാനം, അര്‍ഥം. Tagged: No tags, suggest one. A certain amount of turmoil exists in every family—especially those with headstrong teenagers. N . Y . Filipino Translation. matigas ang ulo adjective. Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets | 81,840 (na) tagasubaybay sa LinkedIn. This dictionary contains English, Spanish and Tagalog words from the early 20th century, quite a few of which are obsolete. Write Word or Sentence (max 1,000 chars). G . Headstrong Lyrics. headstrong definition: 1. very determined to do what you want without listening to others: 2. very determined to do what…. The spelling and meaning of the words … Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012. determined to have one's own way; willful; stubborn; obstinate: proceeding from or exhibiting willfulness: Carolyn Hax: The parent who has to be the ‘bad cop’ is feeling blue, Coastal Anxieties Run Deep in Oceanside Mayor’s Race, The Can't-Miss Sochi Showdown: Bode Miller And Ted Ligety, ‘Downton Abbey’: Why Last Night’s Season Finale Has Fans Seeing Red, The Life of Marie de Medicis, Vol. 3 . Trapt: Headstrong Meaning. Luxury, Quality and Comfort. © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Titus 1:7 For the overseer must be free from all charge against him as God's steward; not headstrong, not passionate, not disorderly through wine, not a striker, not seeking gain by base means; (DBY) English words for sutil include refractory, stubborn, obstinate, difficile, willful, headstrong, untoward, restive, perverse and cantankerous. 9 . Do you know what they mean? How to use willful in a sentence. R . Malayalam meaning and translation of the word "headstrong" Meaning of "control" control •. Sometimes my mouth just starts going and I get so headstrong about what I want and I want to do.
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