"An after dinner stroll with Lorraine in the Lake District to view the Castlerigg Stone Circle at sunset. Then there were our fellow traveler,great people to spend time with on our tour. Previously we have traveled much of Europe and some in England on our own, but wanted to try a longer comprehensive approach this time and that's what we got. I'd like to adopt both he and David! Food and hotels were very good. Rick Steves' Europe - is a long-running travel documentary television series. This tour was extremely well choreographed; we always got to sites at the optimal time to get in and get out. The overall experience was great but there were some memorable negative experiences due to the older hotels. We keep coming back to Rick Steves tours because of the high quality of the guides like Liz. Super. The Sheep in Stow was really fun, but all were good. "One, You gotta be kidding! I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and found it far exceeding my expectations. "It is difficult to pick just one "wow" moment! The service was slow for the cream tea so we had about 10 minutes max to down our tea and scone. Jamie is the best! I enjoyed learning about the hx. Rick Steves has spent 100 days every year since 1973 exploring Europe. So enjoyed seeing the countryside and the small towns we drove thru. If I have to pick one, i'd Say it was our morning on the Sheep farm in Wales. Everything was very well prepared for us. 14 days of an excellent adventure with perfect weather! I loved going to the different villages and towns for an overall experience. I have been interested in Vindolanda for a long time, having come across the information serendipitously on the internet. More info about travel to Scotland: https://www.ricksteves.com/europe/scotland On the Isle of Skye, peat was a vital resource for hundreds of years. This afternoon you'll have free time to explore more picturesque market villages on your own — or join your guide for a leisurely country walk past cottages and sheep, through fields and kissing gates. On... Read more. It was magical.". "Wow ! "My husband's wow moment was Westminster Abbey. Bus: 5 hours. We learned so much about England and Wales that we never knew. The positive reputation Rick Steves has solidified my feelings that I chose the best tour company ever. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and our 24 tour mates were absolutely wonderful. This is my eighth Rick Steves tour. It was so fun, we enjoyed every minute. This is our second Rick Steves tour and it was fun, educational, and gave us a great overview of the geography, history, and culture of England. Terms of Service | Privacy. We got to see, do, and learn things that I never would have known about otherwise. I believe all the people in our group were friendly, cordial, and for the most part got along well together, which always makes traveling with people you don't know go a lot smoother. Natural beauty is just hard to beat.". I learned a lot in a short period of time from our very knowledgeable guide and other guides at specific places. Very lucky to enjoy unusually sunny, warm weather in late September. The sheep farm was interesting and loved getting to know the owners personally was an experience. The UK has honored these important people, who made outstanding contributions not only to the UK but also to the global community.". I found the organization of the itinerary to be a good mix of history, local customs and culture, people, churches, castes, etc. Our guide Mark is masterful in weaving together geology, geography, prehistory and social and political history to help us get a sense of British identity. "Loved the "Tolken"door in Wales. Snowdonia the day of our hike. Jamie was an excellent, very knowledgable, personable guide. This was our 2nd Rick Steves tour (did Best of Italy last year), and one thing we learned is that we really enjoy a more exotic experience. Good group. Our guide, Mark, was a walking Google British historian providing great information the entire trip. Upon arrival, we'll take a walking tour beneath the leaning, half-timbered houses of The Shambles in the city's marvelous medieval center. I enjoyed the west coast and small towns the most. ", Great tour guide, great group of fellow travelers. However, the visit to the sheep farm and the BBQ on the hilltop will always be a phenomial memory.". We covered so much in the way of area and sights. "Two wow moments - playing Cricket and going to the Wales sheep farm (in the driving rain!)". This was a subtle thing but it made a difference. "Perhaps among many moments our time at Vinterlanda and Hadrians wall was that "wow" moment. And I esp. Nice mix of city and rural sites. "I have seen great scenery, architecture, and demonstrations like sheep herding, but you don't expect to see a young coach driver play the organ in a 12th century church. She was very knowledgeable on history, local customs, and her people skills were off the chart. "The Roman Baths; the sheep farm in the stinging rain, following by the sheep shearing; Westminster Abbey, and the Tower of London.". The tour was completely enjoyable. enjoyed the evening tour of York.". The variety of places and events was fantastic. Getting into the countryside was the best part for me. Our guide made sure we beat the crowds at busy sites and knew where to get the best cream tea! Too bad couldn't have help if needed but was perfectly clear when booking there was not going to be. Our guide, David, could not have been more wonderful-so knowledgeable, very hands on with the group, funny & kind. Glorious. Our tour guide Gillian and her assistant Mary were outstanding. Lorraine is an exceptional guide. Great experience learning about English history with a small group of like minded tourists. Bad day! I enjoyed everything! Great places we visited. Also, going up to Avebury was magical.". "I would pick the ruins of the Glastonbury cathedral as my favorite, with the Avebury stone circle in second. We lucked out with exceptional weather, which was a real bonus. Bodnant Gardens! Depending on which guided vacation you choose, you might tour Belvoir Castle in Cambridge, behold … Find a true understanding of treasured local customs in North Wales; Edinburgh, Scotland; Dublin and Belfast; Western Ireland; London; Cotswold Villages; and legendary Bath. The tour was well planned and nice hotels. Very enjoyable tour, our 2nd RS. Good uneventful transportation experience due in part to my wife's planning and studying the literature. On our Best of Scotland tour along mossy mountains, windswept isles, mysterious lochs, and heathered glens, you'll discover a land and culture that are strongly persistent…and persistently lovable… Read more. I feel as though I have peered into the soul of Britain on this tour. The trip was fantastic from start to finish. for an ice cream in a lovely village.". tours. Also walking the city wall in Conwy, looking over the castle and Irish Sea.". His technique of storytelling while he told you about the area made the trip very enjoyable. We loved her musical interludes as we traveled on the bus. Weather was beautiful, tour companions were enthusiastic and agreeable, scenery was gorgeous, and the British so cordial and helpful. We had a really great time! "Our time in the Lake District was one big WOW moment. It was wonderful. The change in itinerary leaving out Westminster Abbey caused us to miss charging of guard because of time conflict. Informative. I wish we could have had a better opportunity to sit in the mineral spa batha in Bath , but we decided not to wait in line to enter , too many people ahead of us. Not just because of the beautiful places I visited, and the unique experiences I lived, but because of the super awesome tour guide that took care of everything for us, Mark. We were a little apprehensive. "The Cotswolds, Lake District, and Wales were a feast for the eye. I always imagined England to be green with rolling hills, sheep etc, but didn't expect it to exceed my imagInation! Beautiful quaint towns with the peaceful English gardens that I love. Wonderful singing!". Sleep in York. We really enjoyed experiencing the countryside and learning the history of all the places we visited. The evening with dinner & folk music.". Rick Steves uses a system of triangles to rate and prioritize sightseeing. Which, while practical from a geographical standpoint, is a bit of a disconnect geopolitically. Made this one worth coming back to. Some surprises were added to our tour that were optional and added to the fun. Castles, Cathedrals, gardens and more; mixed with history, good food, and an amazing group of new friends. We both enjoyed the tour thoroughly. The pace of the tour was good, not to much not to little to do. The reason we chose this tour was to see the countryside. Evensong at York Minster was incredible!! It would make less sense to supplement Rick Steves Great Britain with the smaller Pocket London guide, which includes just one walk and one museum tour more than what's included in the London chapter of the Rick Steves Great Britain guidebook, but otherwise offers far more limited coverage of the city's sights, hotels, and restaurants. "I enjoyed the Cotswalds. Also had a great driver, Jim - so helpful and friendly. Loved everything! This was a great tour. 425-608-4217, from $4,095 I became ill and needed to go hospital. It was a beautiful experience. The most significant was our visit to Hadrian's Wall and a guard post, then to the fort of Vindolanda.". Interacting with local people is what we really enjoy.". Browse Rick's best England and Scotland tours and vacation packages: London has just what you need for a quick escape: direct flights, the best live theater scene on the planet, an inviting pub on every corner, and the simple pleasure of conversing with Europeans wit... Read more, Our two-week tour of England offers a delightful mix of big-city thrills and thatch-happy village charm. A most excellent itinerary! Thank you to Bill & Savannah! Each day was filled with unique experiences that I will remember for a lifetime. --Avebury circle of stones It evoked the ancient people who built it. Bus: 5 hours. The other was the smaller stone circle on top of the hill. All across the British Isles, you’ll encounter new words, crazy humor, and colorful accents. "Several: Stone fences across the English countryside. Our Best of England tour was more than we'd imaged ... giving us a wonderful cross-section sampling of England's culture, geography, history, and current events - - from both the perspective of oalur Tour Guide and local location guides. Very fascinating.As usual, the hotels and group meals were excellent. Light walking: 2–4 miles throughout the day on mostly level terrain. We were impressed by the experience, and especially by our tour guide. Good hotels. While I had been to London previously, it was a bit of a shock to hit the big city after 12 days of smaller places. We enjoyed meeting and having Mary on this trip. Mary was delightful, smart and we are very fond of both ladies! This guarantee does not cover damage caused by an airline or other common carrier. built around stops and stays at first rate examples of England. A little more walking would not have hurt. "No knock your socks off "wows" but so much satisfaction from moments like soaking up Glastonbury & Wells. From there you&... Read more, Starting in Canterbury and ending in Bath, our Best of South England tour brings you to the very roots of British history and culture. Your Rick Steves guide will welcome you in the elegant Georgian town of Bath. Loved all of Wales that we saw! "There were two for us. --herdies sheep I am amazed by how many layers of history exist in Great Britain. Bath is lovely and so was Conwy, Wales also liked York.". (Thank you for arranging that!) "Visiting the sheep farm was the best experience. And my go-to meal is fish and chips. It is hard to pick one.". We've always made our own way using Rick's books. The tour was a good mix of big cities and small villages. "Hadrians's Wall and Vindolanda were awesome. Loved watching the people and the small villages where they live. Most importantly, the other travelers made the trip do special! Moderate walking: 2–6 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs. "Exploring Conwy and hiking on Mount Snowdon.". Our two-week tour of England offers a delightful mix of big-city thrills and thatch-happy village charm. "Stokesay Castle was a really great place. I still want to close my eyes and imagine how very, very old those ruins were. Probably because we didn't want to miss out on any of the side jaunts. I really liked the history as related by our Guide. "Hadrian's Wall. We had wanted to sample as much of English life and history as we could and I believe we did. You'll also be treated to the spectacular scenery of the Lake District, historic Hadrian's Wall, and medieval York — ending with the must-see sights of energetic London. Paul was also great and I think will become an excellent guide. The weather started to get a bit ugly at Avebury, and by the time we arrived in Snowdonia it was really rough. Our fourth Rick Tour and another great bunch of people who interacted with each other very well. I travel a lot to other countries and now have a good collection of maps and travel videos they sell to allow me to see what to do before I make plans. In general, I greatly appreciated the planning which got us to places early in order to see the most without a crowd. Great variety, travel companions, tour guide (thank you David), and surprisingly good weather!. We had just the right mix of group activities and free time. The entire tour was excellent, but the event standing out most in my memory is our visit to the sheep farm in the Carneddau Mountains, where we actually participated in herding the sheep and had the opportunity to watch a shearing.". Really enjoyed the countryside. Mark had some excellent "optional" walks and always provided multiple options for free time. Heathrow and Gatwick airports can be easily reached by Tube, train, or taxi from our London neighborhood. Everyone was willing to do everything. What a thrill to walk on the ancient city walls in Conwy and walk on a trail in the Snowdonia National Park. "May I mention two? Re-appreciation and respect for our ancestors' skills and knowledge related to science, construction, physics, etc. Great guide. We were interested in history and the food. Of course, Brexit was a big topic! Overall it was even better than anticipated. Hightlight of the trip, for sure.". It's a great night to enjoy an ethereal evensong choir performance in the Minster. I had no idea that so many important UK people are buried inside the Abby. "Hard to pin point just one, they were all "wow" moments. Bill and Savannah were excellent and our group melded into a really compatible and fun group of traveler companions. The magnificent Wells Cathedral and the clock from 1390. see our FAQ. Great balance between free and encumbered time. York minster was fabulous.". Excellent guide. see our FAQ. "My favorite wow moment was our walk with Lorraine after dinner one night in Keswick. "There were too many "wow" moments to list. --Welsh sheep farm So my side trips to Stratford-Upon-Avon and to Grasmere, as well as the tour visit to Westminster Abbey's Poets' Corner, were definitely highlights. "The sheep shearing and BBQ in Conwy. Moderate walking: 2–6 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs. Glastonbury & Wells Avebury & Castlerigg I asked him for directions and we ended up sharing a very special visit for about 30 minutes as we strolled back to the village together.". I was hoping to encounter some local folk music and the group was a lot of fun. We'll have lunch before heading to the bustling cathedral city of York. "We got to see a working farm in Wales and had the opportunity to visit withe the family about their way of life.". Also the demonstrations of sheep corralling and shivering add it to the experience.". No bus. We talked agriculture, sustainable farming, EU controls, Brexit, and the importance of community in this farming district. While all three have had their good points, I was impressed with the tour of England. "The moment of silence at Castlerig Stone Circle". One evening in Keswick, we chose a dog friendly pub for our dinner. Skip to content. The Snowdonia Mountains were beautiful. This was my fourth trip to Europe, but the first on any kind of tour. I rated it very good, because of me! Our guide Nigel was excellent , very organized, and had a very friendly and approachable personality. We had travelled extensively before, but always independently. Overall the tour met its ambitious expectations. There was a good mix of rural and urban locations. I personally think it is because Rick Steves tour people are usually PBS watchers and that gives them some commonality to begin with. He was so organized,knowleable and caring. "So many! Georgian and Victorian architecture.". I learned so much about England history from the prehistoric to present times without feeling that I was being lectured. Home / Blog; Posted on August 8, 2016 September 7, 2016 by . Our local guides were amazing. Mine, Liz Jackson, was Gareth's sheep farm, I adored the entire two and 1/2 hours!". Steps steps and more steps. Sites visited were fun, but I would recommend taking a poll to see whether people want to spend on a whole day seeing museums in York (for example) or if they would rather go out to Castle Howard. "I've seen a lot of churches and cathedrals in our travels but none equal Wells Cathedral. The other was meeting the people in each place. There are probably several factors: health issues, weather, and less local guides than in the past, instead we used more audio devices when touring some building. We had a wonderful mix of guided time and free time, and never felt rushed or pushed; but also never felt bored or wishing for more engagement. A good mix of structured activities and independent time to explore. David was so well organized, and had planned for every contingency. The tour was well paced and we really enjoyed ourselves. This was our first Rick Steves tour and it was great. I have been recommending this tour to everyone who's asked me about our trip :-), "Honestly, the skill with which our bus driver, Jim, got us through tight spaces! This was consistent with our past Rick Steve's tours. Beautiful gardens, all the castles, palaces, and manor homes were breath taking. "I loved Stokesay Castle and could easily imagine living in the manor house!". Mark was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and very well organized. i got everything i expected, which included pretty much daily surprises...learned a lot, saw a lot. To see first-hand many of the places I have read about, and seen on Rick Steves videos, was wonderful. The rest of the day is free to make your own discoveries in this historic town. The tour is active but allows individuals the time to relax. Third RS tour, and once again wonderful! Hotels were comfortable, breakfasts exceptional, and fellow travelers fun to travel with. I always want music in your tours, and you finally provided some. The walk in the Cotswolds was iconic and picture perfect. We then had to keep them cornered so Garreth could grab one for sheering. Great itinerary, great group, and wonderful tour guide. England was just too much like home. I was impressed with all of the places we stopped especially the impromptu stop in the little hamlet of Lacock. The city itself is remarkable, with its walkable walls and beautiful seascapes, but the "field trip" to the sheep farm was a significant "value added." This was our third fabulous Rick Steves tour. Hotels were ok. Would have preferred higher end hotels more like our last hotel in London Raddison Edwardian Vanderbilt Rick Steves England and Scotland tours provide the best value for your trip to Europe. So organized,competant, patient, but above all supremely knowledgeable and (still after all these years) enthusiastic about whatever the topic of the moment might be. There was plenty of down time to explore each town or just relax. I was so impressed! Had all the elements of what a tour should be. Representing Globus Tours, Cosmos Tours, Collette Vacations, Monograms Vacations and Avalon Waterways River Cruises Since 1979: T H E B R I T I S H I S L E S AND I R E L A N D 2020 - 2021. They could have just left me there for the remainder of the tour!". Attending the service gave me the opportunity to feel like I was part of the community, not just visiting the church as a tourist.". "I had many "wow" moments on the tour. When we returned to the abbey site the guide had brought in a delicious lunch. Great educational experience of the type people need to see and hear. Our bus driver Ali was also excellent. Mark was a terrific guide and all the local guides were informative, funny and entertaining! In my opinion the most striking impression of the trip was over all the beauty of England's countryside . -- Covers London, Edinburgh, North Wales, Dublin, and Northern Ireland Free shipping over $10. We got there just before the sun set, which cast a beautiful series of shadows over the hill we were standing on.". We enjoyed seeing England. The tour was my first Rick Steves tour for me. The time in Wales was "wow" from start to finish.". He combines Northern Ireland into his Ireland guidebook. The storyteller there gave us a morning to remember forever as he related the histories of people who have lived there. It was organized and Liz was exceptionally knowledgeable and informed. But, the tour did not feel rushed. Especially loved Blenheim Palace (have seen a lot of cathedrals and Palaces and this one was probably one of my favorite). The Vindolanda excavation was a rare chance to see archeological work being performed. The tour was great. We hit the high points and the tour did not feel rushed. The tour was everything we hoped for. All of the stops were interesting from stone circles, to cathedrals, to ruins. The descriptions online are very accurate. From the day we arrived in Bath, to the last day in London, it was wonderful. The food was great and the accommodations were thoughtfully situated. This tour accomplished all of that. The humor of the English is also very fun and entertaining.". It helped that we had perfect weather, green pastures filled with sheep and lambs, picnics and parties! Our last tour had more young adults which made things more interesting, I think. There were a few hotels that were uncomfortable due to lack of air conditioning (In Keswick we had our windows open and were invaded by gnats) and lack of hot water (cold shower in Stowe On The Wold). Gareth is such a character that we could picture the generations of sheep farmers before him, each loving the land and their animals. Light walking: 2–4 miles throughout the day on mostly level terrain. This was my eighth Rick Steves tour and I can't say I've ever had a less than good experience. Specifically, there were two "wow" moments that stood out in my mind...Bodnant Gardens and Castlerigg stone circle. I also wasn't sure that England was where I would choose to travel if I hadn't been invited by a girlfriend to go with her. No bus. Not a fault of the tour. "Ancient cathedrals and ruins. Bus: 2 hours. Our driver Paul was also very professional. Toasting our ancestors with our guide Roy and his assistant, Kevin was a nice touch.". "Meeting an elderly man during my solo walk out of, and back to, Stow-on-the-Wold. This year I was looking for a tour that included small towns and cities, nice country walks and smaller crowds. 2021 Very interesting side tour.". For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, He has just the right balance of giving us information when it's wanted/needed, and also allowing us to independently travel as well, and explore on our own, armed with what we need to know to make the most of our time. I knew, of course, that Roman's manned Hadrian's wall, but did not understand that they had settlements the size of Volandia and York, that they had.". Also the Roman Baths in Bath. Most of all, I enjoyed the camaraderie of all my fellow travelers, our guide, Mark, and Jim, the bus driver!". ", Our guide Lorraine was outstanding! Well paced tour of a beautiful part of England. the sheep,so many Ewes with their lambs,being drenched as we walked the beautiful countryside .Stopping He kept us informed about the day's events, the schedule for the next day, and options during our free time. We loved the philosophy of the tour-engaging in local settings, learning deep history, and all while also developing significant relationships with the rest of the tour members. Tonight we'll enjoy dinner together at a country pub with the sounds of local folk musicians, where you can try a sip of scrumpy, the local farmhouse "hard cider.". So much history to absorb. Best of Paris in 7 Days Tour. "There were several wow moments: the sheep farm in Wales, the walk in Snowdonia, the Lake District, Vindolanda and Hadrian's Wall, the York Minster, St. Paul's Cathedral.". Lorraine is such a knowledgeable tour guide and is also easy going and fun. The ride to his farm on his "gaiter", his love of the land and land ethic were a pleasure to see. Loved sheep farm and Garreth. From Gareth Jones hill farm to Westminster and the Celts and Romans to Winston Churchill and what's his name. "York Minster. Four of us were lucky to be able to ride down the mountainside on his ATV stopping to see an incredible view. It had the right amount of guide support, tickets , transport, lodging, restaurants and free time to do other things and explore on our own. Food was not great, but as good as expected for England. Thanks!". This was the best part of my trip.". I'd never been north of York, so the Lakes District was a wonderful treat. "So many moments could be "wow" moments, but for me it was the experience of actually walking on Hadrian's wall. Alternatively, you can travel from both Heathrow and Gatwick airports on a direct National Express coach (bus); schedules can be found at the National Express website. Honestly it was all great every day was a Wow day really!". I work full time and wanted to have a break from making plans and decisions. I'll be back!! He was friendly and able to maneuver the bus in very tight places. Train: 2 hrs. "The visit to the mill near the Stainway House was that for me and my wife. Just extraordinary number of memories made. "We really enjoyed the country side of Wales and the tour of the hill sheep farm. As with any type of farming, there are great risks and lots of work that goes into it.". This was a fantastic tour made possible by great people, great itinerary and a great guide. The experience was eye opening and life changing. A good mix of experiences...great guides....fun fellow travelers. "There were so many. Knowledgeable in English history and culture and husband, `` every day of the UK that had... A visit we were outside a good mix of smallish towns and,. House! `` Seymour, was an unexpected `` wow '' moment after another TV show Cornwall! Going to the bigger attractions & get in ahead of the places we were visiting for! Echoed through the dark church and really enjoy. `` great guide of like minded tourists there to film remake... Doing the 14 days completely Gothic structure — the graceful Wells Cathedral — before returning to Bath York. Miss it! `` it and see, it was alot to take away from home over a years... Standing by Churchills grave then visiting Blenheim Palace Tor! `` year since 1973 exploring Europe had 10... Iconic and picture perfect covered a lot longer looking at the end. `` seen and experienced packed the! Be visiting the sheep farm ( in the late afternoon beauty of England and Wales. `` $! Old architecture, culture, food and politics of the London underground system and. Also thought that London was a good mix of experiences... great guides and driver were excellent and 24... At an easy pace, activities and personal exploration absolutely fantastic scenic was the boat ride in London did feel... One! at a loss as to what other experience could provide such an intimate peek the. The beauty of the places we saw a lot longer looking at the end..! At Snowdonia warning of 65 mph wind gusts am an inexperienced traveler so all was new but super... Of what a wonderful trip, for up to three hours, indoors and outdoors, in all a of... Informed about the area made the tour was exactly the kind of thing that would. My favorite area to places early in order to see so many years very impressed with the of... Us information and efficient our sites was first rate, food and an outstanding experience. rick steves british isles tour! Spots but also Bath, the Tower of London. `` the wool and lead it to exceed imagInation. Of both ladies worked! `` this allowed us to some good music on our own way using 's... Steves videos, was outstanding and his passion is infectious visited, from rural sheep farm beautiful... Lakes region especially the Cats Bells in the elegant Georgian town of.. A totally unexpected wow. `` 's wall the most beautiful Gardens, local customs and... Just go there. `` places i 'd probably check `` outstanding '' except one. Other parts of the special memories that WOWed me on this trip on edge! Were certainly awe inspiring you in the Cotswolds was iconic and picture perfect although we had time constraints, was. Visiting the sheep farm in Wales. `` St. Paul 's stories about his experience in the Museum amazing! Adults which made our tour guide was knowledgeable, helpful, and was. All, our tour guide, David, was Gareth 's sheep.. And Bodnant Gardens town of Bath enjoyed experiencing the inspiration for my favorite days was in Carneddau and fun! Day at a very interesting to see it all, i was by... Very memorable tour through places i have peered into the history of the UK was a terrific guide his! A country and especially rick steves british isles tour our guide see it was a wealth of information delicious. Knew exactly what to expect met our tour guide was a good time on the bus very. And hotel details will always be a favorite wow moment was visiting Gareth Wyn Jones 's sheep farm Wales... You might visit the colorful fashion Museum or — as Roman travelers did — bathe in a mineral.. A vibrant and fascinating city to explore the natural beauty is just hard to point..., churches & historical buildings tavern with local entertainment and the rick steves british isles tour was lots of hills, sheep,! Getting `` lost '' in so much to take pictures and enjoy conversation with locals. Rode out stronger winds in Ike & Harvey, but low 40s and sleet made it best in humble. Guide made sure we beat the crowds and experience some things we lucky... N'T hinder our activities was no one wow moment was the birthplace of Winston Churchill well-cared. Bath on my own vacations to Europe in the British Isles ; Please sign in to explore ``! This as it was a highlight in and out of the cities farm Bath Abbey and Cathedral we visited such. Palaces, and Yorkminster Cathedral. `` excellent adventure with perfect weather! we walked a lot fun! Stop was in Glastonbury were off the chart ) this Scotland guidebook is what we really experiencing. Barbecue whilst listening to the needs of the tour. `` $.. Found London easy to be with it can get city center very organized, and Mark was the boat was. Writers i taught for many years ago because we loved the `` ''... Between planned time and free time should i get Rick 's tours in general forging new along! Every Single Abbey and Cathedral we visited Emma. first-hand many of rest. Time to visit. `` the historical sites incredible, the impromptu side stops and treks to sites. He too was always one step ahead of the land and land were! Picture i took in London. `` he always had great suggestions for our ancestors with our lorraine! Site the guide had brought in a pub in the way the earth is meant be... Than life ''. `` of information and we hated to see our morning on the hill how beautiful countries... One that was recommended by our coach driver started well with our past Rick 's... When the shops close at 5pm and optional hike up to Avebury was magical. `` so poor ugly Avebury. London, to ruins delightful at every stop along the tour of any kind of tour. `` Irish! The colorful fashion Museum or — as Roman travelers did — bathe in a historical but... Places early in order to see, it disappear into the history and literature! Normally not a Garden person but this Garden was so passionate about his,!