Tasmin Morgan



Tasmin is Baade Harbour Australia Pty Ltd (BHA) principal Interior Designer.

Tasmin specialises in material selection, colour and interior design together with researching building materials for longevity, maintenance and strength.  For all our projects we believe it is crucial that such items are carefully considered as they can influence the behaviour of the occupants (clients, staff and visitors) and long term maintenance and operational costs of the building(s).

Her extensive research into the materials we use take into consideration;

  • Type of ‘wear and tear’ that material is most likely to face;
  • Cost of material (supply and labour)
  • Ability to replace
  • Cost benefits (e.g. is it better to use a cheaper material that has a shorter life span or one that is more expensive with a longer life span).
  • How easy is it to clean and maintain
  • Is it vandal/shock proof
  • Benefit to the environment (i.e. Energy costs to produce material, the use of recycled material etc.)

As each project is unique, Tasmin takes a proactive role in consulting with the Client, User Group(s) and Design Architect in determining the most appropriate selection of colours and use of materials for the specific project.

Tasmin’s Consultancy has included the following range of projects:

  • Health (Acute, Aged Care, Community and Integrated Rural);
  • Emergency Services (Ambulance, CFA, Police and SES);
  • Education (Primary Schools, Secondary Colleges and Tertiary Institutions);
  • Commercial (Offices, Shopping Centres, Hotels and Bars);
  • Residential (Private Homes, Public Housing, Apartments and Units); and
  • Local Government (Pre-schools, Childcare, Offices and Recreational Facilities).

Her Interior Design expertise is sought after by our clients who frequently refer her to new clients. In addition some clients engage Tasmin purely for Interior Design services on projects that BHA has not provided any Architectural Services.

Tasmin’s work has also been recognized through winning design awards and having her projects featured in magazines.

In addition Tasmin’s training and qualifications as an Architectural Draftsperson means that she can develop internal 3D Models and ‘Fly Throughs” using our CAD system (Revit)