ESD Principles


Designing Services for buildability with optimal capital and recurrent cost effectiveness are standard features of our team experience and attributes. Buildings and services that are designed to optimize and minimise energy operating costs have always been important. This importance has become more pronounce with the focus that Environmentally Sustainable Design policies and guidelines have on building designs today.

The relationship between building parameters and Building Services has never been more interrelated than now. Buildings and their success in operation, energy efficiency and reduction on impact on the environment are determined by the interplay of passive and active aspects of the complete building including:

  • Shape
  • Massing
  • Orientation
  • Construction
  • Ventilation
  • Recycled waste and rainwater
  • Increased operating temperature ranges (where applicable)
  • Air conditioning
  • Use of daylight
  • Occupant control
  • Capture and reuse of water
  • Use of natural ventilation
  • Alternative energy sources

This is supported by the close, early and ongoing discussions with all members of the team to ensure that opportunities are not missed or overlooked.