Meredith Fletcher



Meredith was employed for her administration skills, which have developed through knowledge of the architectural industry which she has worked in for over 6 years. Meredith works side by side with Michael Harbour in all aspect of administration..

Meredith is a knowledgeable administrative assistant with extensive secretarial, administrative and personal assistant experience in such diverse industries as construction, marketing and financial services. Proven ability to manage projects, keep the office organized, and provide extraordinary customer service. Strict attention to detail and well-developed people skills in order to effectively manage an office and keep projects running smoothly.

Meredith is proficient with general office equipment and have advanced computer literacy and internet skills. Her ability to prioritize tasks and address the needs of numerous members of staff and clients at any one time has taught her the importance of time management and team work. she has the innovation to increase productivity within the office team, and other areas of development.

Meredith has a degree in Visual Communication and Design, which she completed in 2005 at Deakin University. I love taking on new and exciting challenges, I work well under pressure, enjoy working alone or equally well as part of a team, and is full of self confidence. Meredith is skilled and up to date with all types of graphic programs; these include Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.