Lorraine Duff



Lorraine Duff

B.Arch (Hons) – Deakin University

Lorraine is an experienced architect, who has consistently delivered high quality service for projects throughout the Geelong region and beyond.

Lorraine brings her past experience to BHA of project delivery in retail, education, aged care, childcare, commercial and residential sectors, obtained over 25 years in the industry.

Her experience through all stages of the project delivery process, together with her practical and knowledgeable approach, ensure the production of designs that are functional, innovative and individual.

Lorraine also ensure that project solutions are sustainable, cost effective and of high quality.  Her skills and broad experience also ensure that analysis of in house and external consultants documents are undertaken with thorough detail to ensure accurate co-ordination.

Management skills are utilised both internally and externally, with project programming and resource allocation a strength that is regularly called upon. 

Lorraine also has extensive experience with administrating contracts and liaising with site to ensure timely communication and decision making is a priority.