Alex Ostojic



Alex is a Project Lead for Baade Harbour Australia (BHA) Pty. Ltd.

He is an ‘all-rounder’ with skills ranging from Architectural concept designs that allow the clients to visualise and understand the design intent at an early stage of the design process, to CAD and Construction Documentation.

He works closely with the Client to try and achieve the best possible outcomes for each individual project. He has a good working relationship with our sub consultants and the ability to highlight, discuss and resolve issues that might arise during the design and documentation process.

He has worked on a range of projects including:

  • Health (Day Procedure Surgery, Mental Health, GP Clinics)
  • Commercial (Offices, Retail)

He works closely with the BHA design team to ensure that everyone is working together effectively and to ensure a high level of quality control for our documentation. He is committed to making sure that each project achieves results that ensure that our clients are satisfied.